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Learn IIS in a Month of Lunches

Learn IIS in a Month of Lunches

Learn Windows IIS in a Month of Lunches is an innovative tutorial designed for busy administrators. Even if you have no prior exposure to IIS, you can follow the crisp explanations, examples, and exercises in this concise, easy-to-read book. Just set aside one hour a day—lunchtime would be perfect—for a month, and you’ll be managing, securing, and automating IIS administrative tasks faster than you thought possible. You start with IIS fundamentals, like navigating the management tools and configuring the environment. Then, you’ll systematically explore, web farm design and implementation, managing multiple web sites with high availability, and solid security practices that every administrator should know. And did you know that Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, System Center, and Lync all need IIS to work properly? This book will teach you what you need to know about IIS to keep those servers running smoothly—and what to do when they aren’t.

Note that this book is not available directly from ebook stores like Amazon or iBooks. Manning sells ebook formats directly, and all paperback books (no matter where you buy them) include a free ebook in PDF, Kindle, and EPUB. 

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The author answers questions at, which offers numerous Windows PowerShell resources, events, free ebooks and more. The author offers private on-site IIS training.

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